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March 30, 2011

Father faces trial on 10 charges of child neglect

Boone County "” William Knell, 55, whom police say has a history of leaving his children in "deplorable" conditions, is to be tried May 9 on 10 counts of child neglect.

Knell's wife, Catherine Knell, 47, had also faced 10 child neglect charges,

Det.-Capt. Maurice Hobson on Oct. 25 last year revealed the Knell home at 1610 Ashley Drive was layered in filth, overrun by cockroaches, with "rotting food" in the refrigerator, bathrooms and bedrooms, and toilets "filled with ***."

"The chair that Mr. Knell had been sitting in appeared to be covered in urine and ***," Essex said.

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Bill Knell literally ripped of music written and performed by myself and one John Armata. The music was originally written for Trilogy Entertainment for exclusive use in the Outer Limits TV show opening when it went on-air on Showtime in the mid '90s and later got picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel.

Knell managed to convince John that he could do better, and promised IN WRITING no less than 1/3 of all net VHS and DVD proceeds form his "original" productions to John to be split between us. After the Outer Limits producers found out about this, they promptly backed out of what would have been a lucrative agreement with myself and Mr. Armata. I've calculated that Mr.

Knell, at this date, now owes John and I in excess of $800,000, and possibly more if he's ever brought to face copyright infringement actions in place against him and his family!

He even attempted to have a tort action overthrown using a non-existent Idaho lawyer's paperwork that was sent to a NY Judge in an attempt to overturn findings in my favor, and is facing multiple civil and criminal actions should he ever return to NY State. I pity the fool, but intend to take all legal measures necessary to see that he pays what he owes to who he owes.


would essex be the nursing home in boon county? how do you know mr. knell?

to anonymous # 2 Iselin, New Jersey, United States #1263678

Eesex was not the the nursing home she was one of the greatest child serivices in the world she protected us. i would known because im the daugher of them

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