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Hi Folks,

It has taken some digging to get to the bottom of this, but some credible UFO researchers have uncovered some troubling things about Bill Knell.

1. You many not now but he does seminars that people pay to see, he has been caught several times, many pirating, copying DVDs of other researchers without permission and re-selling them to his own benefit.

2. Do a google "Bill Knell" and "Fraud", or Knell Liar, and you will get many many many hits, he has embezzled money out of people, been charged for money laundering.

3. Some of us have heard his visits to local radio shows, and told some of his storys, many of them false, and not true at all, I would not believe a thing he says.

4. He and his wife stole money from hundreds by operating a site called they posed as a middle man to help people spend sometimes $2,500 dollars for a puppy they never delivered. It was a scam that stole money from innocent people, one time a disabled blind lady needed a guide dog and Bill Knell stole her money buy offereing to sell one to her.

5. Linda Howe, Stanton Friedman, Frank Warren, many others have either sued or been aware of Knell's criminal background and outright lies. Kevin Smith show banned him from ever coming on and people are pissed.

He copies researchers articles and pastes them as his own at word for word copies from others, then he sells peoples books, dvds, and copied material for his own good not sharing with the copywrite holder.

it goes on and on

for more contact frankwarren at

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Brownsburg, Indiana, United States #820058

hi i know how you arefeeling im genna knell currently away from my father he is a *** and you are right this is all true me and my brother chris knell live in a happy an,dgreat fosterhome and i know they are my family anyway im sorry and i hope he gets what god has to give him i donot seek any revenge and yes i have forgive him but he needs to grow up and go to jail love Genna knell

anonymous consumer

March 30, 2011

Father faces trial on 10 charges of child neglect

By Rod Rose

Assistant Managing Editor The Lebanon Reporter Wed Mar 30, 2011, 11:05 PM EDT

Boone County — William Knell, 55, whom police say has a history of leaving his children in “deplorable” conditions, is to be tried May 9 on 10 counts of child neglect.

Knell’s wife, Catherine Knell, 47, had also faced 10 child neglect charges, but accepted a plea agreement on Feb. 4. Mrs. Knell, who gave police a Brownsburg address, received 1-1/2-year suspended sentences for three of the counts, 1 1/2 years suspended on another count, and two years probation. She had spent 90 days in the Boone County Jail, where she was held on $10,000 bond, after her Oct. 14 arrest.

The charges cover periods beginning in May 2008 and ending on Sept. 1, 2010.

Testimony by Jenny Essex and Sarah Middendorf, both of the Indiana Department of Child Services, and Lebanon Police Dept. Det.-Capt. Maurice Hobson on Oct. 25 last year revealed the Knell home at 1610 Ashley Drive was layered in filth, overrun by cockroaches, with “rotting food” in the refrigerator, bathrooms and bedrooms, and toilets “filled with ***.”

“The chair that Mr. Knell had been sitting in appeared to be covered in urine and ***,” Essex said.

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