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Bill Knell says on his website :

Make Life Work For You !

He Means, Make Life Work For HIM, He lures you in

to believing his lies, his books, his stories, his so

called chihuahua association that Does NOT exist,

Him and his wife Catherine Knell are VICTIMIZING

people everyday from behind their computer screens

and people are sending them money, I am still reading complaints on them. I know someone he published a book for and he to this day owes them

over 1,000.00, he is a Criminal and needs to be

stoped ! Please stay away from the below websites

unless you have money to give to these pathetic


It looks like he has taken his latest website dogsforfun down, Are things getting too hot for you

Bill, you have people knocking on your door to collect the money you owe them? I want my 900.00 and I will not stop until I get it, and all your websites have been shut down, I am sick of watching you rip off innocent people, like myself .

People like you, need to be stoped.

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Iselin, New Jersey, United States #1263672

Im Sorry this happen to you i wish he didnt do that Im genna i am his daughter but not any more i am now figuring out the truth i am aadopted by a new family i know this to be true because i remeber him copying movies for me.

anonymous consumer

March 30, 2011

Father faces trial on 10 charges of child neglect

By Rod Rose

Assistant Managing Editor The Lebanon Reporter Wed Mar 30, 2011, 11:05 PM EDT

Boone County — William Knell, 55, whom police say has a history of leaving his children in “deplorable” conditions, is to be tried May 9 on 10 counts of child neglect.

Knell’s wife, Catherine Knell, 47, had also faced 10 child neglect charges, but accepted a plea agreement on Feb. 4. Mrs. Knell, who gave police a Brownsburg address, received 1-1/2-year suspended sentences for three of the counts, 1 1/2 years suspended on another count, and two years probation. She had spent 90 days in the Boone County Jail, where she was held on $10,000 bond, after her Oct. 14 arrest.

The charges cover periods beginning in May 2008 and ending on Sept. 1, 2010.

Testimony by Jenny Essex and Sarah Middendorf, both of the Indiana Department of Child Services, and Lebanon Police Dept. Det.-Capt. Maurice Hobson on Oct. 25 last year revealed the Knell home at 1610 Ashley Drive was layered in filth, overrun by cockroaches, with “rotting food” in the refrigerator, bathrooms and bedrooms, and toilets “filled with ***.”

“The chair that Mr. Knell had been sitting in appeared to be covered in urine and ***,” Essex said.

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