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It has taken some digging to get to the bottom of this, but some credible UFO researchers have uncovered some troubling things about Bill Knell.

1. You many not now but he does seminars that people pay to see, he has been caught several times, many pirating, copying DVDs of other researchers without permission and re-selling them to his own benefit.

2. Do a google "Bill Knell" and "Fraud", or Knell Liar, and you will get many many many hits, he has embezzled money out of people, been charged for money laundering.

4. He and his wife stole money from hundreds by operating a site called they posed as a middle man to help people spend sometimes $2,500 dollars for a puppy they never delivered. It was a scam that stole money from innocent people, one time a disabled blind lady needed a guide dog and Bill Knell stole her money buy offereing to sell one to her.

He copies researchers articles and pastes them as his own at word for word copies from others, then he sells peoples books, dvds, and copied material for his own good not sharing with the copywrite holder.

it goes on and on

for more contact frankwarren at


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